Auction Brewery Verhaeghe (ENG)

Karl Verhaeghe of Brewery Verhaeghe decided to start a collaboration with the Belgian abstract artist Lode Laperre. The project originated because Mr. Verhaeghe was inspired by the fact that the HORECA fulfills a connecting role within our society, and this became even more clear during Covid times.

Mr. Lode Laperre painted 4 paintings, each representing one of the basic ingredients of beer. The brewery decided to auction 10 gift sets worldwide. These gift sets contain 4 Duchesse de Bourgogne 3L jeroboam bottles with the special label, 4 wooden boxes for the bottles and 1 dibond (plexiglass) replica of each of the 4 original paintings (15x50cm). Starting price for the auction is 750 euro per set.

Please refer to the attachments for the press release document and pictures of the sets.

If a potential buyer is interested, he or she can contact ‘‘ and bid on one or more of the sets.

The deadline for the auction is January 15th.

The total amount collected by this initiative will be donated to the World Health Organization (WHO) to support research into combating COVID19.